These 5 Trails in North America Should Be On Your Bucket List:

Which trails and/or areas are on the top of your list to explore? These are our choices for Bucket List North American Trails:

5)    Black Bear Pass | Ouray, Colorado
Known for ‘the switchbacks’, this trail starts tame as it climbs toward the Summit at 12,840 feet. From there the trail descends the 4,090 feet into Telluride mostly via a series of hairpin switchbacks, after you tackle the very steep ‘drop off’. This route is high on views and epicness, but does not forgive any error in driving skill.

Black Bear pass Colorado by Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine
Black Bear Pass Drop Off, Photo Courtesy of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine

4)    Golden Spike| Moab, Utah
Perhaps the most famous trail in Moab with the hard-to-forget Golden Crack obstacle, this trail is #1 on the list for any serious rock crawler. Don’t take your stock Toyota truck or a full-size rig on this trail without a high level of skill and the ability to handle possible trail damage.

Golden Crack, Moab, Utah, Tacoma
Golden Crack on Golden Spike Trail, Photo Courtesy of YouTube user southernscrambler

3)    Baja California | Mexico
Whether you choose to retrace the Baja 1000 route or explore the sand, rocks, and silt a-la-carte, there’s no escaping the raw beauty of Baja in your Toyota overland truck. Plan this trip far in advance, and take plenty of time. For security & safety, experts advise tackling Baja with at least two or more vehicles and be prepared for the rigors of desert wheeling.

Expedition Overland Baja 1000 course
Exploring the fast-tracks of Baja, Photo from Expedition Overland web series

2)    Rubicon Trail | California
What can be said about the trail of all trails? Jeep named one of their models after this trail, and former Toyota test driver / Baja 1000 Winning driver Joe Bacal ran it in a completely stock prototype FJ Cruiser, despite stern warnings from his corporate bosses. This iconic route not only provides very challenging terrain, but also includes some of the best scenery on the continent. It’s a must for any serious Toyota 4x4 enthusiast.

Toyota Land Cruiser & Pickup on Rubicon Trail | Rubithon 2014
Toyota Land Cruiser & Pickup on the Rubicon Trail | Rubithon 2014

1)    Your local trails!
“I wish I didn’t spend so much time exploring where I live” – Said No One. EVER. Our best advice for what trails should be on your bucket list? Where you can get to! We all love our Toyota trucks, cruisers, and SUVs not only for their ability to take us to far-off places, but because we can explore with them every weekend. From dirt roads to back country shortcuts to local crawling hot spots, get out and enjoy your surroundings with friends and family.

Toytec Lifts at FJ Summit 2015

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