How You Should Get Your Rig Ready for Spring (and Summer!)

The weather is starting to turn, and while we still may get a snowstorm or two here in Colorado, Toyota drivers around the country are preparing their trucks for spring & summer exploration.

These are our top tips to help get your truck ready for the 2016 season:

Daily driver?
Is your truck a daily driver? If so, maybe it’s time for the annual wash & wax? The winter moisture has likely done a number on your paint, so a little pampering won’t hurt.

If you don’t daily drive your rig, choose a warm weekend to fire it up & make sure everything is in working order. Last Great Road Trip published a great checklist to help keep your truck in tip-top shape.

If you don’t run a specific set of winter tires, give yours a good inspection. Look for pitting, dry rot, and uneven wear. Have them balanced & rotated if they’re due. If this is your time for new shoes, order early so you’re ready to roll!

Toyota Tires

Photo by markdoliner on Flickr

When is the last time you services differential, transfer case, transmission, and radiator fluids? If you can’t remember, better check them all to ensure they’re up to the task this year. Better to change them out early then risk doing permanent damage to your Toyota Truck.

Radiator fluid

Photo by EvelynGiggles on Flickr

Most of our trucks, FJ’s, and 4Runners get heavy use during the winter. Dirt, mud, grime, and water seem to splash everywhere. Spend a quality weekend afternoon with a few rags, some 303 Aerospace (or similar protectant), and a little elbow grease.

Engine Compartment
Don’t ignore your engine! There are plenty of great cleaners on the market that can safely get the gunk off. A clean engine compartment makes it easier to diagnose problems, a good side effect is less chance of mud in your eye when you’re wrenching under the truck.

Clean your engine

Photo by Shane Williams TCT Magazine

Air Filters
Of course you’ll check your engine air filter & replace (or clean) if necessary. Don’t forget your cabin filter, it can help keep your rig smelling fresh & clean all summer!

Windshield & Wipers
In Colorado, we’re used to replacing windshields every couple of years (especially FJ Cruiser drivers). In many states driving with a large crack in the drivers field of view is illegal, so as spring wears on…consider biting the bullet & replacing the glass. Also, get new wiper blades suitable for handling mud & water from the spring runoff. Also also, don’t forget the rear wiper!
FJ 60 Rear window

Photo by Xm2500 on Flickr

Setup Your Gear
Get your gear organized & secured! This is a good tip any time of year, but since you’re spending so much time with your truck, you may as well organize it. Make sure your recovery kit is easily accessible as well.
Recovery Kit from Smittybilt


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