Switch Pros SP-8100 8-Switch Panel Project

So let me start out by saying that I am not your go-to guy for anything electric. Unfortunately, I really like things that use electricity on my truck (light bars, fridge, compressor, etc.)

Switch Pros Panel

For a long time now I have had a spaghetti factory on top of my battery. We are talking 360 degrees of wires stacked on my battery terminals. So, I was on the phone a little while ago, and was told about Switch-Pros. I talked to them about their product for a little while, and decided to go for it.

Switch Pros Panel

This has to be one of the best modifications I have done to my truck. All of my electrical accessories are conveniently at my finger tips, and I can even access them via Bluetooth from my smart phone. That means if I want to turn my ARB fridge on in the morning, so it is cold when I am ready to hit the trails, I can do it from bed… Awesome!

Switch Pros Panel

Switch Pros Panel


Switch Pros Panel

I don’t want to make this too long, but definitely check out this SEMA award winning product. The wiring was easy, the programming is even easier, and that really means a lot to an electrical novice like me.


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