Five Reasons you should consider attending a 4WD Training Course

Have you been exploring dirt in your Toyota for years or are you new to off-road adventure?
Recently our team was luckly enough to spend two days in the mountains outside Denver, CO with Bill Burke of BB4WA for an advanced off-road driving course.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons you should consider attending this type of course:

1) You WILL learn something

Even if you've been exploring dirt roads & hard core trails for years, you'll likely learn something new. With seasoned instructors such as Bill Burke (who practically invented 4WD training), anecdotes, stories, and tips from years of instructing and thousands of students will ensure you take away new, valuable information.

4WD Training for Toyota Owners

2) Build Confidence

Whether you're primary adventure vehicle is new, new to you, or your old workhorse - 4WD instructors will show you how to use it to its full extent. A good instructor will teach you how to tackle the terrain without the use of traction aids and will help you feel more confident in your exploration.

4WD Training for Toyota Owners

3) Get out of your element

Beyond the challenges of the course, most times 4WD training courses include a variety of vehicles. Since most of us tend to hit the trails with similarly equipped vehicles, seeing how other trucks & SUVs handle terrain will broaden your experience. You may even find a new vehicle type to consider :)

4WD Training for Toyota Owners

4) Learn how to get un-stuck

All good 4WD instructors spend as much time teaching how to get out of a jam safely as they do on driving technique. You'll learn recovery techniques ranging from traction aids and Hi-Lift usage to winching and the always handy 'Stuck Assessment'.

4WD Training for Toyota Owners

5) Not just about driving

Depending on your instructor, you'll also gain valuable knowledge on how to pack your rig and what to bring. Many also cover basic map & compass, backcountry navigation, and survival scenarios. There is so much more to learn that just 'how to drive off road'.

4WD Training for Toyota Owners


Regardless of your experience level, off-road training with a certified instructor will help you find adventure in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner.

Bill Burke is one of the founding members of the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers' Association. I4WDTA instructors can be found worldwide and are all certified to a very high level of knowledge.

Course costs vary depending on instructor, location, group size, and time of year.

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